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How do I configure Twitter for Personal Guardian?

The Background

With Personal Guardian's one button panic button, you can alert via email, SMS, phone call that you are in trouble. Now Personal Guardian also supports Twitter. When Triggered, Personal Guardian send out a short message with your location information (GPS and Network Triangulation) in the message.

The Question

I heard that now I can add Twitter to one of the ways Personal Guardian can alert people that I am in trouble, but how do I do this?


On your BlackBerry Smartphone:

1. Select the SmrtGuard icon
2. Select the Option menu
3. Scroll to Twitter Credential area and input your twitter username and password, see below Figure 1.
4. You can test it by selecting the Test Twitter Credentials, see below Figure 2.
5. From the SmrtGuard main screen, select Personal Guardian button
6. Make sure Enable Twitter? check box is checked, see below Figure 3.

smrtguard twitter
Figure 1 - Twitter Configuration

smrtguard twitter
Figure 2 - Test Twitter Connection

smrtguard twitter
Figure 3 - Enable Twitter in Personal Guardian


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